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The registration of pesticide products involves a rigorous exchange of information between regulatory agencies and registrant companies. The focus of the ALSTAR application is on the exchange, acceptance, and storage of information between these regulatory agencies and pesticide registrant companies. While several state agencies request diverse data, documentation, and product labeling information from registrants, most states require identical or similar information. This specifically pertains to pesticide product labeling but may include other types of other documents, such as EPA Stamped Accepted Labels, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS), and EPA Supplemental Distributor Agreements. The ALSTAR application provides the capability to both registrants and states to streamline the exchange and use of these common data.

Currently thirty-nine states are ALSTAR members. The ALSTAR secure website is used by member companies to upload and transfer electronic pesticide product labels to ALSTAR member states. State members use ALSTAR to review and accept product labels transferred to them. After state acceptance, current versions of product labels are made available for each member state on the NPIRS State Public website where anyone can access the labels free of charge. All versions of state-accepted labels are available on the NPIRS and NSPIRS websites for subscribing members. A 10-tier subscription rate starting at $275 per year is offered to registrant and consultant companies.

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