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Data Quality Report Form

A screen shot of NPIRS output or a site download containing suspect data may be attached as a .CSV, .XLSX, .PDF, .DOC, .DOCX, .TXT, .JPG, .TIF or .PNG file. File upload is not required.

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Data Quality

The U.S. EPA, state regulatory agencies, and NPIRS are committed to providing timely and accurate pesticide registration data to our members as well as to the general public. This mutual commitment for data quality excellence has led to NPIRS developing a mechanism for reporting data discrepancies found on the NPIRS websites. Data quality issues may result from data processing or they may be present in the data prior to processing. When data quality issues are received, they are reviewed by NPIRS staff members to determine the nature and validity of the issue. When necessary, the data quality issue is then sent on to either the U.S. EPA or to the appropriate state regulatory agency for further review and potential data correction.

Use the data quality report form on this page to provide the requested information including a detailed description of the data quality issue. The asterisks indicate required information.